Mrs. Pavilcin puts new lettering onto a company truck circa mid-90s

About Us

Northeast Electric is a family-owned & operated master electrical contractor servicing Greene, Albany, and surrounding counties for the past 34 years.

Upgraded bathroom with modern, energy-efficient lighting and electrical features

Past Work

Check out our gallery of work from the past 34 years!

Services we offer

  • Electrical Services

    From 50 amp tiny homes to 1,200 amp commercial multimeters, Northeast Electric has you covered. We are efficient and knowledgeable in installing overhead or underground services, primary lines, and pole settings.

  • EV Charging

    Acknowledging the growing electric vehicle industry, Northeast Electric has experience with all styles and brands of charging capabilities. From pedestal Tesla chargers for commercial parking lots to outdoor-rated receptacles.

  • Off-Grid Solutions

    Northeast Electric has working relationships in the solar, battery, and generator industries. These sources will help reduce your monthly bill, or when used together may generate power back onto the electrical grid. As these materials become more affordable, we anticipate this becoming a more attractive option in our region.

  • Residential & Commercial Design

    Northeast Electric has the experience and tools for proper electrical and lighting design. Whether you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom, building your forever home, or creating a storefront in a commercial environment, we’ve got you covered.

  • Stanby Generators

    Keeping your home prepared for power outages can be crucial. Northeast Electric has a deep knowledge of installing and servicing generators. Our employees work closely with your brand’s service technicians to be able to solve any troubleshooting you may have. Whether you choose Generac, Kohler, GE, or Briggs & Stratton, Northeast Electric knows how to get it done quickly and professionally!

  • Smart Home Solutions

    Having your home connected to your smartphone is an appealing and growing option for many customers. Whether it be the growing smart panel industry or smart plug/switch replacements, we have the experience to help you source materials and install them with no hassle.


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